Growth Mindset

It’s ok to fail…riiiiight.  No, seriously, it IS okay to fail, provided that you don’t give up!  There is a relatively new (to me at least) concept called the Growth Mindset.  Where struggles to succeed are essential to mastering the skills needed.  In the classroom, students should chew on it for a while, which is one of the hardest things to get them to do!  Consider:  The Gifted Student (GS) who has never had to study before is now stumped and doesn’t know how to study all the way down to the Remedial Student (RS) who just throws up his/her hands and says, “I’m no good at math!”

It takes more time to work with the GS and the RS students on behalf of the teacher, but once the practice is in place, then both levels start to grow and learn HOW to do the problems.  Both Common Core and the Florida Standards have a benchmark that basically identifies with this:  persistance!

The research is still ongoing to prove this model’s worth, but it will be interesting to see what comes out from it and then to educate the parents  in allowing their children to struggle and sometimes fail, provided that support is given to let the child learn from their mistakes.  Isn’t that actually an old idea?

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